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a "pull up" series by zay monae

the "85mil" is a portrait headshot "pull up" series created by zay monae dedicated to driving around the city and photographing individuals and their essence in 5-10 minutes.

we are not looking for any person/style in particular, simply searching for those who will value this opportunity and have pride in where they are from. therefore anybody can get it...let's goooo! can't participate in this round? make sure to subscribe to our  series here -> subscribe

the 85mil portraits

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Costa Rica

Oh my where do I start, first off I just love Zay! She is brilliant with the lens. My 85mil experience was awesome, from the moment she pulled up the energy was beyond welcoming & just really set the vibe. I had such a great time during the shoot and to top it off the photos came out incredible! I literally look at the images and can remember that moment she captured. The overall series is so unique and just so happy to have been a part of it.

dinah, los angeles, ca

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